Next Saturday, 5 October, the Basque Railway Museum, managed by Euskotren, a Basque Government publicly-run company, will celebrate its 25th anniversary at its Azpeitia premises (Gipuzkoa). 

The Euskotren Basque Railway Museum has organised the following activities, including 7 classic train journeys (*), to celebrate its first 25 years: 

10:30    Opening 
•    Award-ceremony for the “25th Anniversary of the Basque Railway Museum” children’s painting competition.…

Euskotren’s Basque Railway Museum will operate 49 classic trains – 15 steam-driven and 34 diesel - in August.

The steam trains will run on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, departing at the following times:
•    Saturdays: 12.30 and 6.00 p.m.
•    Sundays and bank holidays: 12.30 p.m.

From 1 August, the 2019 diesel train service will also run on weekdays (from Tuesday to Friday), but only in August. Those diesel trains will…

Historically, Euskadi is the entire peninsula’s undisputed leader of electric mobility. The State’s first electric tram ran between Bilbao and Santurtzi in 1896, and also the first electric train operated on Mount Ulía in 1902. Euskotren is still operating the peninsula’s oldest electrified rail routing, between Amara and Loiola stations in Donostia. The line was electrified 116 years ago in 1903.

After 130 years of experience, it is interesting to take a look at the extensive…

As in previous years, Easter marks the beginning of the historic train season (2020) at the Basque Railway Museum.  Every weekend until November 2, there will be three steam train services, which will travel from the museum's headquarters in Azpeitia to Lasao station. 

How would it feel to travel in the cab of a steam locomotive? Would you like to learn how it works? The Basque Railway Museum offers the possibility of being a STOKER FOR A DAY on the existing service between Azpeitia and Lasao.

The initiative consists of a complete round trip in the cab of the steam locomotive. But, not only that. You will be accompanying the engine driver and stoker during all the necessary preparations for starting up the locomotive and you…